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Your Privacy - Our Commitment

For Jawahir, customer protection and privacy are always the first priority. Therefore, this is the reason why we safeguard the data provided to us.

Data stored by Jawahir:

Jawahir collects all the data of the customer while he/she visits the website. The data collected includes a telephone number, name, personal postal and email address.

Why we collect your data?

The reason why Jawahir collects your data is merely to provide you information according to your interest, enhance service quality, and for self-assessment. Thus, this helps us to figure out who has explored us and why.

How long will Jawahir keep my personal data?

Jawahir will keep personal data as deemed necessary and it is provided by the clients on a voluntary basis. However, as per our policy, we ensure the safeguard of data once a client no longer wishes to be with us.

What is the warranty for data security?

Even though we make sure all the personal data is collected, however, it is our warranted that it won’t be leaked anywhere. We make sure that the data provided by our customers remain confidential with us and not leased, sold, shared, lent or leased to any other organization, according to regulations of international law.

What is a cookie?

For administering the website, Jawahir makes use of “cookies”, a small text file that will be stored while you visit the website for the first time.The purpose of cookies is to tailor the website to record online preferences. Once users accept cookies to their devices, they will have an enhanced viewing experience of their website.

How Jawahir makes use of cookies?

The data provided by cookies help to examine the profile of visitors and also assist in providing enhanced visitor experience. On behalf of using cookies, information is gathered which help us to improve services provided to customers. The reason why Jawahir makes use of cookies is for a particularintent,i.e. ensuringthe effective functioning of the online element on your device.

Will Jawahir contact me for marketing purposes?

Jawahir will not contact for the purpose of promotion or marketing unless you agree to it.

Privacy Policy Changes

From time to time, the privacy policy of Jawahir will undergo alterations and changes which will also be available on this page.


Jawahir prioritizes the personal information provided by clients and make sure the data remains secure. The details submitted to us are secured according to the standards followed by global digital agencies. In case you have concerns regarding the security of your information, feel free to contact us through the contact form.

Links to Third-Party Sites:

The website may contain links to other websites which are not maintained by Jawahir. However, we do not endorse the services, content, and products offered on them.